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What to expect at your first Bowen Therapy session

  • Upon arrival you will be greeted and asked to fill out some paperwork regarding your personal details, a brief history and the reason for your visit;
  • The treatment can be performed through light loose fitting clothing or on bare skin;
  • I will perform a few gentle moves, by drawing the skin slack, nudging up against the edge of the muscle, tendon and then rolling over the muscle or tendon;
  • The receptors of the muscle or tendon are engaged, and a message is sent to your brain about what state the body is in;
  • During the session there are pauses or ‘breaks’ between sets of moves where I will leave the room, allowing you to relax and your body to integrate what has just been done.  These breaks are approximately 2 minutes in duration;
  • This will continue until the session has finished;
  • Once the treatment is finished, and you go home, remember to drink plenty of water, walk around to integrate the body changes and wait for the body to respond to the messages it has received​;
  • Sessions may last between 30 minutes and an hour depending on the problem and on your response.  The length of the session does not relate to the efficacy of the Bowen Technique.  Often less is more.

What my Clients say

Bowen Therapy Client - Nancy Vanden Berg

Words cannot do justice with how AMAZING Leanne is.  I have been going to Leanne for 6 months and from the moment I had my first session, I sensed she had “healing hands”. I have a job where I sit down a lot, so there is a lot of pressure on my lower back, shoulders and neck. Leanne not only works on this areas but goes straight to the source of the problem and provides me with some maintenance aftercare exercises.  I have found that I got better results from Leanne’s methods of Bowen Therapy than a physiotherapist.   To top it all off, Leanne’s service comes with a welcoming beautiful and warm smile and she genuinely cares how my body and mental mind feels.  Leanne has a heart of gold.

The downfall is when I have to leave this relaxing and inviting environment surrounded by nature and go back to my real world.

Nancy Vanden Bergh

Administration Officer

“I am so glad I found Leanne! She is professional but more importantly so friendly, welcoming and empathetic. Leanne always makes me feel as though I am the centre of her attention showing genuine interest in me and my concerns. Her gentle yet thorough approach and how she explains what she is doing in a way that I understand had given me huge relief from muscle and joint pain as well as hormonal issues. I so appreciate Leanne’s calm and soothing presence and the way she has been able to change my life. I highly recommend this wonderful lady to anyone who is looking for a Bowen therapist who can truly help you.”

Samantha Jane
Counselling Services

Bowen Therapy Client - Samantha Jane
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