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In this short PowerPoint presentation video, I will share with you my Menopause Journey. You see what I thought was the end of me as a woman, was really the start of me stepping into my own and challenging myself to new ideas, processes, and learnings. 


It truly is a wonderful time of life and one that needs to be embraced, this can sometimes be hard when you are faced with the challenges of the symptoms of menopause.


If you are feeling down, vulnerable or just out of sorts, just know that you are not alone, there are/were many of us that felt the same way. Almost like you’re on a speeding bus with no brakes! But the other side of this there is an amazing awakening (if you let it) where "the change" is something that is needed for us to flourish.


If you are struggling and just need someone to talk to about your symptoms, feelings or life in general, don't hesitate to reach out. I am always here to lend an ear.


Please enjoy this short presentation on Menopause (this is the first ever PowerPoint I have done) so please be kind and always remember - we are capable of more than we give ourselves credit for.


Create a wonderful day




Meet Leanne Jones

Leanne Jones - Bowen Therapist


I am a Perth hills girl. I love the outdoors, nature and camping. My passion is learning ways to assist the body, mind and spirit to heal. I assist you on your journey to true health and healing and support you to overcome your challenges, to look outside the box and to find your inner doctor.

Enjoy the benefits of Bowen at my tranquil home clinic in Lesmurdie, Perth Hills.

Talk soon,

Leanne Jones