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What is Redox Signalling, and could redox signalling be the key to living longer?

The human body is an amazing creation, it is made up of between 50 and 100 trillion cells. Every one of these cells performs just the right function, in just the right place and at just the right time.

Each cell is a mass of activity that never stops. They are keeping your body healthy and strong every second of every day.

One of the major functions of your cells is the production of fuel. This is known as ATP, and is created by the workers inside the cell called the mitochondria.

Mitochondria are so vital and important that a single cell can have 1000s of them. In fact, it is estimated that half of our dry body weight is made up of mitochondria. Mitochondria do more than supply the body with the fuel it needs. They also play a key role in cell signalling and communication, coordinating the actions and activities of your cells.
This cell signalling is essential for health and life, it is the foundation for cell development, tissue repair and immune functions. Without the ability to communicate and coordinate the activities of cells, we would fall apart rather quickly.
The mitochondria’s role in this vital communication system lies in the fact that they make special molecules called redox signalling molecules. They make these molecules by the trillions every second of every day, which is a good thing. Because without them life itself would be impossible. They are the keys to life.

Redox signalling molecules are needed to protect the health of your cells.

They detect threats and damage to repair or replace injured cells. Unfortunately, the problem is that with age, disease, and toxicity our ability to make redox signalling molecules diminishes and thus the cells ability to respond to life's injuries, diseases and even ageing.
Have you ever noticed that bumps and bruises that disappear in no time on a child seem to last forever on someone who is elderly! The cells in that older person simply aren't communicating as efficiently as they did when they were younger.
Therefore, cells and tissues take longer to repair themselves. This all happens because the body isn't making as many redox signalling molecules as it used to.
Redox signalling is the breakthrough in cell communication enabling you to experience wellbeing at a cellular level and live longer.
They are the crucial messengers that help protect rejuvenate and keep your cells functioning at an optimum level. With depleted Redox signalling molecules your life is shortened, and you are unable to keep your body in homeostasis.
To heal you need materials and you need the labour. Materials are supplied by nutrition and labour comes from redox signalling molecules. I'm sure most you have heard the phrase “You are what you eat!”. But I think more importantly “You are what you absorb!”

What can we do to maximise our redox balance?

  • Firstly, you can hydrate your cells - By drinking a minimum of two litres of water a day. It’s great to have clean pure filtered water, however what is even better for cellular health is to have a hydrated electrolyte water.
When studying cellular health coaching, we learnt that hydrating our bodies at the cellular level was key. Not with any of those sugary electrolyte drinks, but with a simple recipe I will detail here.

In one litre of filtered water put a pinch of excellent quality sea salt or Himalayan salt and between 6 - 10 drops of lemon or lime (fresh only). Drink between two to three litres of this water a day and you will be servicing your cells well.
  • Secondly, eat a diet rich in micronutrients - By that I mean incorporate a colourful range of fresh and organic fruit and vegetables with every meal at least half a plate of colourful vegetables and fruit. To that add some quality macronutrients (organic meat, fish, eggs) and a small amount of good carbs. I can understand that organic often means expensive, and that not everyone has the luxury of buying organic, however we can remove most nasties from our fruit and vegetables by having some Bi-carb Soda on hand.
Bi-Carb Soda is a potent cleanser, some studies show that soaking fruit and vegetables in a mix of bi-carb soda and water for 15 minutes can kill almost all pesticides. Have you ever thought about growing your own vegie patch? What better way to look after your health than growing your own, not only is fun, but also useful when you need a quick meal and have nothing in the fridge. It also gets you out in the fresh air and connected with the food you are eating. Give it a try you may surprise yourself.
  • Exercise - We should all be aiming for at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, this is a great starting point, begin with a regular walk, increasing your intensity as you become fitter incorporating a light jog for part of the duration. Also include 15 minutes of strength exercises and you will be doing your muscle and skeletal system a big favour, as well as producing more Redox Signalling Molecules. It does not have to be fancy; you do not need any specialised equipment or a gym membership. We are so spoilt with free content on the internet that you are sure to find something that will suit you.
When we begin to incorporate these changes to our lifestyle you will find that you will be getting better quality of sleep. Seven to eight hours sleep a night is crucial. Cells do most of their healing when asleep, and sleep also has been found to repair and re-organise the brain.

Oxygen fuels our cells and helps provide the basic building blocks that our bodies need to survive. People do a lot of shallow breathing. We need to take a few minutes every couple of hours and just breathe. In fact, if you are having that break, away from your desk, or from serving a customer take time out have a drink of your hydrating water and do a couple of minutes of just deep breathing.
  • Lastly you can complement your diet with excellent quality Supplements - Fill the missing link for what your body needs to maintain and improve your cellular health.
Something to think about “What can you do today, that your future self will thank you for?” (Hint – I have given you a few tips above)
Interested in looking at what I am doing to supplement my health at the cellular level or learning more about Redox Signalling Molecules.

Reach out here and I will be in touch. 
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