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It was a pain in the back! Short blog on how I overcame it.


Throughout my life, I have struggled with intermittent back pain, which was exacerbated by sports activities and after giving birth to my children.  My Dad had back pain, my Mum had back pain, my brother other family members and many friends. I just thought it was normal, and something I had to live with.


My Dad had so many back issues, it was not unusual to see him swinging upside down on an inverter contraption trying to get his back right or having me walk on his back to put it back in place (I was very young at the time – hate to think what he would have ended up like if I was to walk on his back now). At one stage he had been in traction in hospital for his back, multiple physio’s, chiro’s, osteopaths, and masseuse appointments, you name it I think he had done it. There was a cupboard full of all sorts of therapy devices and pharmaceutical medication, magnets, tens machines, acupuncture, oral medications, topical medications the list was endless.




My Dad passed away 16 years ago; he was 70 years old (very young in my opinion) but he did have a hard life. He was a lady’s hairdresser (and a very good one) but although he did all these things to try and look after his back, I think it was the basic things that caused him more harm than good. If you get the basics right, everything else will follow. He was chasing a cure, treatment, or instant relief, but what he failed to see was that answers lay within him.

You see our bodies are amazing, we are amazing, the body will always want to be in a state of balance, every cell in our body wants to be in homeostasis.   “Homeostasis, any self-regulating process by which biological systems tend to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are optimal for survival. If homeostasis is successful, life continues; if unsuccessful, disaster or death ensues. The stability attained is actually a dynamic equilibrium, in which continuous change occurs yet relatively uniform conditions prevail.” Encyclopedia Britannica | Britannica.

What does that mean?  Well, if we give the body the correct tools it will look after us. Of course, there are some exceptions such as trauma which can make things a little difficult, but generally if we provide the body with essentials, it will always want to be in balance.

Since my father's passing, I have discovered various factors that can disturb the body's equilibrium and its ability to maintain balance. Among these, smoking is particularly relevant. Although it may seem unrelated to back issues, smoking can impede blood flow, including that to the spine, and smokers are three times more likely to suffer from lower back pain. Furthermore, smoking can weaken bones and increase the risk of developing osteoporosis, while also slowing down the healing process. Even the act of coughing, which is common among smokers, can contribute to back issues. Unfortunately, my father was not doing himself any favours by smoking. Interestingly, I too used to smoke, which may have also contributed to my own back problems. However, I quit smoking eight years ago, and it has been one of the most beneficial things I have done for my health and healing journey.

In my view, my father's back problems were also significantly influenced by his sleeping habits. He used to spend prolonged periods in bed, which I believe contributed to both his back pain and depressive episodes. Unfortunately, having back problems can be a vicious cycle, where one's attempts to rest and recover end up exacerbating the condition. Therefore, the most detrimental thing for my father was to stay in bed and avoid movement. If he had engaged in gentle exercises, tailored to his comfort level, he may have experienced more success in alleviating his pain.

Having a comfortable and supportive mattress is crucial in alleviating back pain. Due to financial struggles, my parents were unable to provide my father with a suitable mattress during a prolonged period, which may have worsened his back pain. Although they eventually acquired a better mattress later in life, the damage had already been done, and the back issues persisted.

Although I had various degrees of back pain over the years 5 years ago I began experiencing a lot of lower back pain and could not sleep more than 5 hours in bed without being in pain. I had a very good mattress, I exercised (in fact my job made me exercise), I hadn’t smoked for 4 years, I was eating well and doing most things right. I ended up on anti-inflammatories, not the best solution, and not great for my liver or body. I did not want to travel down the pharmaceutical path and I remember asking God for help, not only for myself and the pain I was experiencing, but also for my Mums pain and having to manage all her health needs. Everything just felt like it was getting on top of me. 
It wasn't long after that a work colleague introduced me to a product that he thought would help my mother’s declining health. I had no idea of the difference this product would make (not only to my mum's life) but the difference to my life. I am forever grateful to him and his wife, who explained the products in detail to me. 

3 months after beginning my journey with this amazing cellular health product my life did a complete flip! I went from being in discomfort daily, to almost jumping out of bed, after a wonderful 8-hour sleep. I began to do the things around the house that I use to love doing, gardening being number one on the list. Not only did it help with my discomfort in my joints and back, but also with my mood, memory, and uncomfortable hot flushes. Wow, I was a totally new me!!

So, the last 5 years I have been on a journey of not only a health breakthrough and learning all there is to how the body works at a cellular level. But also following a long-seeded passion of helping others to live their best lives as well. I went on to study Cellular Health, Bowen Therapy, and a few other natural alternative therapies. I run my own business next to my home and online, which enables me to still be present for my elderly Mum and my family, as well as sharing my story with others so they know there is a way out of being in daily discomfort. I have also had great success with Bowen Therapy, and it is a great addition to my cellular health business, and both work so well together hand in hand.I

I have had some amazing results with my Bowen Therapy Clients and relieving their back pain. So much so that I don't see them again for months! This together with looking after yourself at the cellular level is key to getting moving again.

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Bowen Therapy is such a wonderful gentle modality that has had amazing results with back pain. Let me help you on your journey back to being the best you can be, book in for a Bowen Therapy session with me in Lesmurdie therapy rooms please click here -



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